Mary EventEdit

The event consists of giving equipments to Mary because she is stuck in the castle and is unable to leave.

When an equipment is given to Mary, the player recieves event points based off the rarity of the equipment. When a player manages to give 250 points worth of equipments, the player is given a Mary Ticket that expires at the end of the event. Any points an individual receives also goes towards Mary's level, which is shared by all members of a guild. Mary will rise one level for every 5,000 points accumulated by the guild members. For every level she rises, everyone in the guild will earn a Mary ticket.The ticket can then be used to obtain a random item from a set of items. The item are equipments, enhancement materials, useable items, and gold.

While the equipment changes from one even to the next, the following are the usual rewards that may be obtained from Mary.

  • Orihalcum x3
  • Mithril x3
  • Adamant x3
  • Golden Key x10
  • Golden Key x5
  • Golden Key x3
  • 200,000g x1
  • 100,000g x1
  • 50,000 x1
  • Item Set x2 (Contains Hourglass, Goddess Blessing, Holy Water, Mystic Water)
  • Mary Choco* x3
  • Mary Choco* x2
  • Tania Tart* x3
  • Tania Tart* x2
  • Even Specific Equipments (See event in game)

NOTE: Mary Choco and Tania Tart are enchancement materials. When I first tried them out I used them on my familiars, the amount of exp gained is ALOT. Mary Choco gives more exp than Tania Tart. How much exp exactly? I have no idea but it is a lot. I have yet to use them on armor and weapons because it does not make any logical sense giving food to inanimate objects. If you have tried giving the aforementioned materials to armor/weapon, please post your experience.

Event Points: Edit

Each equipment earns you and your guild various amount of points based on its rarity. The following are the rarity and points earned:

  • R: 10 points
  • HR: 20 points
  • SR: 250 points
  • SSR: 1000 points
  • SSSR: 5000 points
  • LEGEND: 10000 points

It is a good idea to evolve HR equipment to SR and SSR equipment to SSSR before giving them to Mary. It is not a good idea to evolve SSSR to LEGEND because you would miss out on the extra 10000 points from giving Mary four SSSR equipment compared to handing her the evo 4 LEGEND equipment.

Anon note: Tania tarts and chocos can be used to enhance weapons and armor.